I was ready for it

eleven 28 seventeen

Today I have begun to feel release from the emotional pain that I have been experiencing. A couple of months ago I was engaged and it was broken off. At the time I thought I was okay with this and that I was actually happy that it was broken off, but after that have since realized that I was not over the concept of having someone in my life.

Someone told me that:

The Lord waits to give you trials until He knows that you are able to handle them.

At first, I thought this was justification for the suffering I went through. But if we are on this earth to become like Christ, then we have to go through the refiners’ fire to become better. Because He loves us, He waits until we are strong enough to handle the trial then He gives it to us.

The timing of trials is not random, it is planned out by a being that is all-knowing.

I am not even close to overcoming my emotional pain, but I am close to moving past frustration and anger to acceptance and stronger faith.




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